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how to kill bermuda grass?

16 years ago

quite awhile ago, i posted about converting from a bermuda grass lawn to desert. finally decided to get started on the project by killing off the lawn last summer - some of the advice i got was to simply quit watering it. which i did -- the lawn got no water last summer and seemed to be dead beyond all doubt.

in january, i hired a landscaping company to help with the project, explained my concerns about completely eradicating the bermuda grass, etc.... so they used some grass killer, probably roundup.

for the last couple months the bermuda grass is back -- all over the yard, in spots where it gets drip irrigation by the new plants, and in completely non-watered spots. it's driving me crazy....besides water conservation, i wanted to have a zero to low-maintenance yard that looked neat and tidy. i've used round up which works, and i've called the landscaping company a million times because a) i paid him to get rid of the lawn and b) he said he would come spray if the grass did grow through the gravel. of course he never responds or shows up, but that's another topic.

help please :) is there anything i can do to win this battle? if i spray diligently with grasskiller everytime i see a new piece of grass will i eventually destroy it all?

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