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WS's what has been your most invasive perennial??

16 years ago

You know the one I'm talking about...! For me it is has not been a flower ( I only wish it were..) It has been a tree, the infamous Mimosa tree in my front yard! If this property were not a rental, she'da have been oughta there the first year!!! She was mangled by those mow,blow, and go guy's with a serious lack of talent in pruning!! She was topped therefore giving her extra reason to produce seeds from h*ll just out of a matter of survival instinct!! I swear every seedling that she put's out sprouts somewhere in the yard +ARGH+!! So o.k. I don't consider a tree a perennial, however, that is what gives me grief...I don't have enough experience with flower's at the moment, as this is my first real year of gardening with flower's..I'm just getting my feet wet ~ however, I would like to keep my eye on invasive flower's other than Mint.. I all ready know that it can be quite invasive. I try and research everything... though this year with the flower's I do have I went hog wild before looking into them further just excited by the WS concept and forgot to look into some of them. So if out there you have any 'problem children..' Because I know that some of you have been doing this for quite a while - I was just looking for a "head's up" sort of thing before it became a real problem child/flower..Although I'm beginning to have my suspicion's about amaranthus here and there...?? Most of them are still in the zippie's so far I have only planted out 2 variety's. On the other hand I don't want to be totally polluted in my yard with amaranthus seed either....I have a wide variety of WS flower seeds all ready going up and sprouted I'd love to learn more about too.. My list is long. Love-in-a-mist is it invasive? How about purple majesty millet? Granted my cockatiel's will love this one.. I just want to know what I have committed too? Calendula comes to mind as well only cause I had a trader send me a humongous packet of seeds? Any & all suggestions will be taken seriously...

Sorry I did not mean to post 2x in one day, but I'm a busy woman and I don't get that much free time to do all the thing's I want to do anyways! Any help on invasive sp. would be sincerely appreciated!

'happy gardening'


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