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Deep-South gardeners, here's why you can't plant seeds now

17 years ago

Dr Koske at LSU answered an email explaining why I should not plant the SEEDS of "bunching onions" now. It appears that all onions go through a dormant period during our very hot summers down south. I failed to ask if in fact it was our heat that causes this dormant period.

Anyway, if I planted the seed now, Dr. Koske says that the juvenile sprouts would not be mature enough or, have enough food supply stored-up to survive the soon approaching dormancy.

He did say however, if I managed to find a someone that was growing bunching onions, I could stick some of those in the ground and I would have a substantial head-start when the dormant period ended.

Does anyone know if the bunches of green onions being sold in the super markets is a "bunching onion" or if they are regular bulbing onions picked at an immature stage of growth?

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