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new to FL, need help with roses

15 years ago

I am new to Florida, but not to roses. I am not sure how to prune my roses here since we don't get snow or cold to let natural selection do it's thing. Do I wait for spring or do I trim now?

Also, all of my roses have HORRID BS. I don't have the time to spray, so they look like leafless twigs. (*sigh*)

Not having ever had much trouble with BS this badly, will they leaf out again in the spring?

Thirdly, I have what I thought was a Floribunda (Oranges & Lemons) that has decided to be a rambler I guess. It has very long arching canes - they are almost growing horizontally! Should I just let them grow that way or is it trainable like my Joseph's Coat? Or Can i prune it on a regular basis to keep it neat like a HT?

I can provide pictures of my decrepit garden..if helpful.

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