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Antique Rose Emporium Fall Festival of Roses

14 years ago

It was a three day event this past Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I went over for a few hours on Saturday, and truly enjoyed the weather and fun, mingling with old friends, and making some new ones.

A few of the cast of Texas Rose Rustlers were there, and I enjoyed walking through the gardens with Patty and her sweet mother Josephine. Recovering from back surgery at age 75, she still gets around very, very well, and has a grand time. What a jewel of a lady!

I met a nice gentleman from the Dallas area heritage rose group, who has some very good advice on Texas gardening. I reacquainted myself with Stephen Scanniello, and said hello to lots of other folk that I recognized faces but could not place them. (Ever happen to you? An embarrassing part of aging, I must confess!).

But I have to say that spending a bit of time with Jeri and Clay Jennings was the highlight of my day! What a fun couple they are! Full of happy energies, and no-nonsense, plain-spoken feistiness, Jeri is a lady after my own heart. (Where ever you are upon your road tonight, my prayers for your safe return home are with you. I am so glad you came back to Texas, and found that your family cemetary is taking reasonable care of that "China from Adina"!)

Did anyone else get to attend the Festival on any of the days? I would love to hear from you about your day. The roses in stock were plentiful, also, and I finally broke down and bought a nice new pair of gardening gloves. They say these marroon and green suede-like things are even washable... we'll see how they hold up!


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