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Mums about Mums: Propagation and All that

10 years ago


I received two pots of mums from a friend and i tried to keep it alive as possible. The blooms have all dried out and are spent, but ive kept watering it every other day with a rooting hormone and the sides of the stems from the surface to a few inches up have started to show new foliage.

My questions are:

1. The spent blooms are still there while the bottom part of the stem has new leaves growing out. Do i cut the spent blooms? Will pruning the spent blooms or any top portion of the plant help root? What is the effect of "top" pruning to root development?

2. Ive taken some cuttings as well and placed them in vermiculite keeping the medium moist. But the cuttings have turned really brown - like dry brown - leaves to stem. Ive read that it sometimes takes 2-4 weeks till roots develop with the plant looking dead. Should I throw in the towel for this one?

3. In the other pot, the blooms are spent and dried out, new leaves have grown at the base but they have started to turn brown as well. What do I do?

4. When can I apply fertilizer?

Thanks. Your advice will be appreciated as others in the house want me to get rid of them and consider the mums as dead.

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