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Look at my new compost bin

14 years ago

My first bin was too small, so after a couple months of grabbing various wooden materials.. I give you bin #2


The planks come with Dell server 4210 racks. They are used as ramps to roll the server cages off the wooden pallets they come shipped on. I snagged as many as I could get as work purchased additional racks. The structural 2X3"s are from various pallets and scrap wood I nabbed off a construction dump area from development in my area. The nails to hold it all together were yanked out of these random pieces of wood. The chicken wire fencing I had on hand from a clearance purchase over a month ago that I used for my grapes to climb. I had leftover to use, but not enough to simply make that fencing into a bin alone. I had to use the wood + the fencing to come up with this contraption.

My design is basically the quickest way I could figure out how to build the largest bin possible without having alot of wood. The fencing really made it possible. I nailed the front panel in for now, but when I can find 4 old leather belts I will screw them into the panels on each side as well as the front panel and buckle the front together to the rest. I think this will make removal easier when I eventually have finished compost to take out.

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