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Help me pick the right tree:)

10 years ago

Hello all,first time in this forum.Was wondering if ya'll have suggestions on what to plant,I'm getting rid of my ornamental fully grown Bradford pear tree this fall and need to replace it,the space is in full sun very close to my house(maybe 15 feet),I tought tulip poplar was a good candidate but the guys over Carolina forum told me it wasn;t a good idea so cross that option off,then I tought of October glory or Autumn blaze maple then further research is putting them on the no so good list:(

Looking for shade in the summer, (since it will be next to my porch) and some kind of interest (blooms or fall color),if it grows super fast it will be perfection! because I have a big shade garden under...

So anyways any suggestions welcome,BTW was planning on ordering online from this vendor: Fast growing what do you think?

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