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mulch and compost (and roses)

14 years ago

We have a new-to-us backyard we are prepping for next year's garden. I am the researcher, not the gardener, so I pointed DH to the lasagna and compost information. What I *think* he did was put down some layers of cardboard and newspaper, then 6 bags or so of manure bought from the big box store. We have plenty of leaves we can throw on that pile, and have started a compost bin. Yesterday we bought another 5 bags of manure and the city delivered a big pile of free wood chip mulch. I think he's planning on putting down the manure and leaves, then throwing the mulch on top of it. Are we doing ok? We are first time gardeners (obviously LOL).

And, related question. If all that is fine, I have 2 of those grocery store roses (well, more like 8 apparently) in terra cotta pots. Can I overwinter them by putting them in this garden area and mounding the leaves and mulch around them? I'll post this in the rose section if no one answers, but for now I have to get back to work ;)

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