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New Part-Shade/Sun Bed...What to Do?

12 years ago

Hi, All!

I just recently enlarged this bed, and put in Endless Summer hydrangeas, variegated iris pallida, purple sensation allium (haven't gotten these bulbs yet), and digitalis grandifloria (pale yellow). Oh, and I have knockout roses and orange-y heliopsis summer nights flanking the roses.

1) I need to fill in (esp. in the way front where I have unsuccessful Hollywood heuchera...too much sun) with some low plants. The front area is more part-sun.

2) I'm also considering replacing the boule d' neige rhodies that I've cut way back (see photo) b/c they've never really done that well--for a couple of reasons. They flank the porch on either side. This area is more part-shade. The part-shade replacement bush will be behind the knockout rose...I have a 5'tall x 7'wide limitation.

Any suggestions design-wise, color-wise? I was thinking moonbeam coreopsis or some kind of cranesbill geranium, although I'd like one more compact. Moonbeam iffy? (I've heard issues). Rozanne geranium really that blue?

Other suggestions? I'm kinda stuck b/c I still "see" it as a much smaller bed & can't get my design mojo a' goin'!






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