Part Shade? Part Sun? Full Sun?

12 years ago

I'm a newbie and am needing some help... I'm wanting to expand the front flower bed and am not sure how much sun it gets during the day... We moved into our house last May and didn't pay attention... Anywho, I attached a drawing of our yard. The flower bed in question is highlighted yellow. Also note that the neighborhood street lines the South and West side of our property (We're on a corner) and we have approx. 1 1/2 acre, but I only drew about an acre. Our trees are the black dots with the dotted lines around them representing how much they shade. They should be pretty accurate with the size, I copied it from google maps (Satelite)

Please help me! I really want to plant Hostas, Ferns and Elephant ears in the front but think there might be too much sun during the day for them.

The second picture is an actual picture of the house before we moved in

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