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Alt to Twombly's Red Sentinel Japanese Maple

12 years ago


I have a spot that would be perfect for a Twombly's Red Sentinel Japanese Maple. However, twomblys is very slow growing (and difficult to find in anything much larger than foot or two). I really want to buy something that I can find locally that is larger, or something that is fast growing.

I'm looking to keep this tree either 1 of 2 ways:

1. About 5 feet wide, branches can go all the way to the ground, max about 15 feet high.

2. A tree that gets wider, up to 10 - 15 wide feet that I can prune the lower branches off of (i.e. have it look more like a normal tree). Still max of about 15 feet high.

I have a Autumn Blaze Maple in this spot currently, and while it looks quite nice at about 14', it will tower over my neighbors house in a few short years. It would make us more comfortable to have something that stays shorter.

I don't mind pruning and regular care, but of course there is no way to keep an autumn blaze short without butchering it. Hardy to zone 4 or 5, it is a pretty protected location and I am almost sure a zone 5 would do great. I checked and I have 2 other zone 5 trees that are doing very well here. Though I am listed as zone 4 I am 1 mile away from zone 5. This is a almost full sun location.

Here are my ideas:

1. Amur Maple - with some pruning to keep it from getting too wide.

2. Acer palmatum 'Viridis' - this is listed as a fast growing Japanese Maple, I know where I can get one that is about 2'. I am not sure how fast growing this would really be. I'm afraid with this I'd be waiting 5 or more years just to get it up in the 8-10' size range.

I love the look and current size of the Autumn Blaze, but I know it will be too big for this location and want to move it before it becomes difficult to transplant.

I have 47 year old Global Arborvitae about 10 feet from this tree (where the Autumn blaze is currently -that I want to replace). It does a great job of separating my garden from the front of the house. However, it will be going on 48 years old this year and is nearing the end of it's life. I think it will have to be taken out within a couple years, and I would like to have the tree was are discussing be somewhat substantial by that time.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions you can make.


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