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Magnolia Grandiflora hardy cultivars

15 years ago

My parents live in the Cleveland, Ohio area and love Mangolia grandiflora. They have a beautiful 20-25ft Edith Bogue magnolia. In the past 10 years it has had leaf burn only one winter. They have also had good luck with Brackens Brown Beauty. I bought them a nice 10-12 foot Brackens this summer that actually survived the past winter in a pot buried in the ground in Cleveland. I spend a good deal of time in Ohio and we recently traveled down to Marietta, OH and found a very nice Little Gem for their courtyard. The nursery in Marietta said that Little Gem was reliably hardy in much of Ohio and has been one of their more reliable grandifloras. I have seen info on the internet to the contrary, though. In visiting nurseries throughout OH, WV and PA I'm seeing a good deal of grandiflora's showing up including- Edith Bogue, Bracken's Brown Beauty, Little Gem, DD Blanchard, etc. Does anyone out there in zones 5 or 6 have experience growing Magnolia grandiflora?

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