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HELP my african violet is slowly fading away

10 years ago

I've had my AV for around 2 years now and I find these plants to be extremely temperamental despite what people say. I'm a pretty avid gardener and so far have been able to handle any issues I've come across. But around a month ago I re-potted my plant in AV soil and added some AV fertilizer to the water. I believe I added the proper amount but my plant really hasn't bounced back and since has become droopy.

I let the soil dry out a bit to no avail.

I dampened the soil recently using filtered water and this hasn't helped. I'm also careful not to over-water. Right now the soil is damp.

I brought it into a warmer room and increased the light. So far (2 days in) this hasn't helped.

It hasn't been outside or around any other plants (other than my other AV's). So I don't suspect mites could be the issue.

I tried pruning away some of the droopy stems and the leaves continue to curl under. The stems are also continuing to worsen (become more saggy).

Can someone please tell me what might be going on? I'm at a complete loss and have had this plant for 2 + years. It has sentimental value and I want to help it in any way that I can. Your suggestions are much appreciated!

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