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Help with leaf spot and pest problem in small backyard

8 years ago

Hello everyone please someone give me some advice about leaf spotting on my red rocket (lol) crape myrtle. this looks like Cercospora Leaf Spot?
I'm still a noob when it comes to gardening but I've been learning over the last 3 years as a new home owner.
I've had problems with two 2 year old azaleas, one I had to get rid of and the other is recovering from a lace bug infection. I have a double knock out rose nose that has holes in its leaves but I haven't seen any pest. Same thing happened last year but I saw the little worms on the under sides of the leafs. I use this natural bug killer from Home Depot for that.

The reason I'm here tonight is because I planted a red rocket crape myrtle on may 24th. It's been doing really well. It has even grown some as I can see it over the fence now and has started form buds. I check on it a lot and look at the under side of its leafs and what not. This week there have been about 10 leafs that have turned yellow / red and a whole bunch of others have small dark spots underneath. I have all this stuff planted up against my fence. The rose bush is close but I've cut it back. I'm concerned about the soil quality and the proximity of these other plants that have problems. They all share a garden bed. I have other crapes. One planted and one in a large container. They are cheapo no name ones from HD. Haven't a clue how big they'll get.
I have a new evergreen Rhinehold close too but it's in a planter.

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