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Yet another Mystery Rose. Help ID please

9 years ago

It's an unseasonable rainy afternoon here. Perfect for a mystery.

I purchased four Rose de Rescht 1 gallon plants from Russian River Roses in Healdsburg CA a year ago. One is already in the ground and three are in the pot ghetto, 2 in 5 gallon containers and this one in a 3 gallon.

This one in question seems different from the others. Larger and more flowers, different (more damask) fragrance than Rose de Rescht (which to me has a hint of lemon) and a somewhat lighter (less purple color) and somewhat looser petals. So far, healthier foliage at this time of year. It had a lot more flowers but I deadheaded recently.

I'm also going to email Jan at Russian River and see what she thinks but wanted to check with all of you as well.

Here's some photos and a link to Rose de Rescht with correct color for comparison.







Here is a link that might be useful: Rose de Rescht to compare

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