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Charles de Mills, I love you. Do you have any friends?

15 years ago

I ignore Charles from one year's end to the next, and in return for such treatment, he does this...


... about fifty times.

What a good boy! Seriously, he's trouble-free in my yard. What are some other roses along similar lines (healthy, make lots of flowers for very little effort) that I could grow? It's OK if they only bloom once but I'd like ones that smell nice.

I've got a fair amount of space and decent drainage, but it gets cold in the winters, about a 6a. Chuck loses about a quarter of his growth every year but makes it up in the summer and then some. He's about four feet high in my yard, probably three feet wide, and happily suckering away.

Whatever I plant doesn't get sprayed or fertilized after the first year, so strong growers are more preferable than poor doers who need coddling.


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