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Long-Term, Sustainable Compostable Mulch?

10 years ago

Hey guys,

I live in northern California, valley part and I'm looking for a sustainable compost solution. I currently have a compost bin which I use solely to put kitchen scraps while mixing garden trimming etc. I see so much material being put on the curve every week that it makes me think that there MUST be a way of building a good quality, affordable if not free, compost from garden trimmings. Now I'm wondering if instead of having a compost bin, a focused station, if I could create some sort of composting mulch that I could spread as mulch and that would be composting itself providing nutrients. Basically mimicking nature.

My question is what would the right type of mix for this sort of composting mulch be (specially thinking about what can be found locally) ?

What I know I can find are

- pine needles (big amounts)

- grass clipping

- rice hulls

- other leaves and green stuff (roses or stuff from garden)

- horse/ chicken manure

Anybody have a suggestion on where to begin??



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