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Help slugs!

12 years ago

We got a bit of rainy and warm weather last week, so them slugs are everywhere! Big, small, with shells, without shells, all trying to devour every plant in my garden. I already lost half of my lilies, since they chewed the tops of, my rudbekia seedlings in greenhouse were munched to the ground in some pots, strawberries also are on their menu and so on. Black birds and crows are fat and lazy, and cannot look at the slug direction anymore.

Yesterday I gathered literally a bucket of the blasted creatures and send them on a trip to the dumpster, but I wonder if there is any non chemical way to at least contain the damage around the young plants? I definitely would like to taste a strawberry some day which hasn't been nibbled by the slug before.

Chemistry and poisons are not an option here, since we got too many birds foraging in the garden + pets + kids, but I wonder if any of the fancy traps work? Or copper wire around pots? Heh, I even would keep seedling pots in a salt bin, if I knew that it will prevent devourers from getting there.

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