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Ordered my seeds! What should I NOT sow now?

11 years ago

I just ordered a buch of seeds from Groco on Ebay and I'm super excited to get started. I'll list what I ordered below, please let me know what I should not sow right away. I'm in zone 7b, western WA and I'm considering constructing a lightweight hoop house over my raised beds (which are also yet to be constructed).

- cauliflower/ broccoli/ romanesco
- radishes
- corn
- tomatoes
- Cabbage/ Brussels sprouts
- beets
- carrots
- pole and bush beans
- sugar snap peas
- artichokes
- chard
- winter squash
- zucchini/ yellow squash/ cucumber
- tomatillos
- Sweet peppers
- hot peppers
- leeks
- garlic
- herbs

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