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Rose newbie...a few questions

15 years ago

I've never grown roses my knowledge is extremely limited on types, care, etc and thought this forum might be an easy and good resource.

I bought a home last year and also had the old roof torn off and new put on during the summer. A rose that sits in front of a tall trellis was trimmied down fairly far by someone (I think my mom), otherwise it would have been smothered by the 4 layers of shingles falling off the roof, etc.

So fast forward to this year the rose survived and has grown some nice stems--but it has not produced any buds. I would say one stem made its way behind the trellis and is a good 7.5 ft tall. Most of the others are around 3-4 ft. This rose does not climb on the trellis (a clematis does tho) it just grows tall. What kind of rose is this? And with that question what care should I be giving it so I can encourage blooms for next year?

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