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~ *** Trees that you SHOULD plant *** ~

14 years ago

Seen a post of trees you SHOULDN'T plant, so what trees would you say to plant ? From showy trees, to flowering, shade, etc ?????

We live on a wooded lot in OH & I have tried to keep it natural looking. I have saved many older redbuds & dogwoods on our lot. Also have wild cherry (not my fav), ash, elm, maple of some kind, shagbark hickory, oaks (not sure what kinds), popular, sassafras (sp?), & probably a few other natives.

I do know something is leaving tons of tiny bk/brown spots on the north location (which is the front) of our house & not sure what is causing this ?????? The only thing I can think of is, there are tons of white pines across the street from us ? Any clue ? These spots are on everything & hard to remove from cars, siding, etc ! They are kind of sticky too.

Trees we have also planted are...........

More redbuds (a few forest pansy's which I love) & Kousa Dogwoods


Crabapples (not sure if I will like once big)





Blue Spruce

Name which you all recommend........... :)

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