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Honey Locust Unavailable at local nurseries -- anyone know why?

10 years ago

I would like a honey locust, preferable a Sunburst or similar.

Absolutely NONE of the local nurseries, be they independent or big box/chain, have any honey locust at all. A few years back, they were a dime a dozen at the big box chains, you could always count on Home Depot, Lowes, Wal-mart, and Meijer having a sea of them in the garden depts.

I find it rather ironic, since I can drive down the road and see them literally planted everywhere.

Am I missing something -- is there some dread disease or insect that is wiping them out, a la the ash borers, so that nurseries don't want to stock them now?

Or, is it just a case of a plant going out of style as passe?

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