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How early can I move and replant spring bulbs?

10 years ago

I want to move some spring flowering bulbs from my parents garden to mine. We're talking tulips, daffs, crocus and Glory of the Snow. The foliage is totally dry and I would really like to do this maybe in mid August or so.

I realize the normal advice is to do this in the fall, but why wouldn't it work to do it earlier? I mean the bulbs are already in the soil, so what's the big deal with simply moving them to new soil? In addition, I've notice when I've accidentally dug up some of my existing Scilla siberica and Fritillaria meleagris as early as mid August (I did this last year), they were already in the process of producing new roots. That leads me to believe existing spring bulbs in gardens may be producing new roots earlier than we think?



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