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Have your hollyhocks ever had this color combination?

14 years ago

After seeing some pictures of some pretty hollyhocks, I went back to a local Amish garden center today to see if their potted hollyhocks had started to bloom. I wanted to select some specific colors. They were huge, 4 1/2' - 5' tall already, loaded with buds, and some were blooming. I saw a pink one I wanted, but when I got the pot out from the group I found that it had a rosy red blooming on another stem, and also a creamy peach, etc. It looks like they are coming from one base/root, not several separate plants in one pot. Is this possible? I asked the girl at the register, and she said that they noticed the mixed colors in each pot and questioned it also. She said this is the first year they sold them, but thought they would have a single color to each pot. The hollyhock name is Summer Carnival Mix. I thought the mix might mean that you would not know what color you have until it blooms, not a mix of colors on one plant. Each pot has at least 5 stems.

Thank you for any suggestions you might care to give.


PS: What could I plant at the front of these plants to hide the bare stems if they develope, as I heard they might?

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