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How to Re-Use Replaced Shrubs/Plants

16 years ago

I'm having pros re-do the front and some side landscaping at my home. I've asked them to retain the plants they are removing so that I can relocate them to behind the house, but I'm not sure what to add to spice it up a bit or how I might arrange them.

Here are the facts:

7-8 what appear to be spirea japonicas - most are quite large and bushy, healthily flowering, currently planted in a curved line. 2 large yews - one about 4' tall and kind of California-windswept shaped, and one about 2.5' tall and maybe 5-6' wide?, shaped, bushy. 1 pee gee hydrangea that probably needs seriously pruning back - it flowers nicely but is pretty leggy. And about 10-12 no-longer-flowering-for-some-reason daylily clumps. They all exist in sunny to partly sunny spaces, unamended soil, but all but lilies are in (soon to be removed! yay!) river rock beds.

The back area is nothing but weeds, many of which I've smothered but which appear to be bouncing back quickly in the 10 days since removing the plastic. I'll use roundup but not the total veg killer, since I understand that means no planting for a year. The back area has a curved retaining wall (with woods beyond) that will need to be replaced in the next year or so (actually, needed it 10 years ago, probably, but I'm looking to do it in the next couple), and no soil amendment has probably ever been done. Quite dry, partly to mostly sunny. Plan is to put in a patio back there at some point, but timing on that is uncertain.

So, my questions:

If I just prep a smallish area for now, can I move them in a few years without some extra-extra transplant trauma?

And more fun: If I want to be a little more ambitious (full-scale will have to wait, also), what other plants would you suggest to put with those mentioned above? The plants being put back there are common and, to my eye, boring both in style/texture and in color/interest. I realize I haven't posted pictures for any input on focal points and the like, and perhaps I will do that here or in the design forum, but right now, I'd just love to hear ideas about possible other plantings to sweeten it up a bit.

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