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Paul Zimmerman Roses and Roses Unlimited

12 years ago

I just thought I should let you know about the fantastic experience I had in dealing with these 2 companies. Back when PZ Roses was Ashdown (last year) I ordered a Papi Delbard from them. Well, it was DOA. They promised me a replacement the following spring. As you know, Ashdown closed. I emailed Paul, and said I'd still love my Papi, if possible, but if, given the chaos, he couldn't supply Papi, well, I'd understand. Apparently Paul's own Papis did not make it, BUT he had RU send me a glorious Papi! What a truly great thing to do! Paul is a wonderful guy, and such a great asset to the rose community. And I must say, I had not ordered from RU before but was very impressed. Lots of top growth, a bud, and healthy roots sticking out of the bottom of the pot. Isn't it wonderful when people are so honest, responsible, and nice?!

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