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Worm castings mixed in MiracleGro soil?

15 years ago

Hi. I've made an arrangement with a lady in town to help her work up her garden and plant some veggies. She has a decent enough basic soil, but has been using (even this spring) a sprayer with a MiracleGro-in-water mixture. Sprays it out of her sprayer on the end of a garden hose onto the ground. So the soil has a goodly amount of full-spectrum NPK plus "minors" plus micronutrients from this chemical source.

I've got the personal habit of using compost, rotted manure, and worm castings. My idea, originally, was to work-in a compost/worm-casting mixture into some rows - such as one where she wants asparagus and another where she wants lettuces. But I'm wondering about whether the substantial presence of the nutrient chemicals in the soil will tend to kill the micro-organisms that are the source of so much of the goodness in the worm castings (and even in decent ordinary fresh compost). ???

Would my plan to use worm castings just be a waste of good organic amendments, in this case? Anybody know?


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