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HFGH 6x8 Question

17 years ago

Hi folks!

After 1-1/2 seasons with a cheesy poly-plastic / zipper-door "portable" GH (from HF, IIRC), I've decided I might as well take the plunge and buy something more substantial.

I figure I could continue to spend $100-150/yr to keep replacing the portable - or spend $300-400 ONCE and not have to hassle with put-it-up/break-it-down/store-it-all-summer. Duh!

Honestly, I don't *need* a permanent GH (I'm only over-wintering tropicals in a marginal climate, and possibly starting seeds in the spring) - but it seems to make more $ense to just break down and buy something permanent.

And, of course, @ $299, the 6x8 HFGH looks very intriguing! So I'm contemplating..........

I've just done an exhaustive search on GW - trying to find info on the 6x8 HFGH's. Yes, I got LOTS of "hits!" And I've been reading until my brain hurts!

The thing that's confusing to me is: I can't tell when the posts (particularly the "Painful" ones) are referencing the 6x8 or 10x12 model! I *think* most of the painful comments were for the 10x12. Or maybe that's just wishful thinking on my part!!!

I definitely don't have space for the 10x12. We're on 1/4 acre, and most of the yard is landscaped in an overgrown Tropical-Resort theme - in the summer, anyway (the GH probably won't be used in summer since it's blazingly hot and sunny back there)!

I'm thinking I can give up some of my veggie-garden space: Tuck it away in a corner - behind the pool equipt. The site has access to electricity and water; It's semi-sheltered (wind-wise) - but we do get 25-30MPH gusts several times a year. I can have it properly oriented so the long wall is facing SE. Best of all: I'm sure I can fit a 6x8 structure there - and not have it detract, visually, from the general "vibe" of the yard...

Now for the "Reality Check:" I'm pretty 'handy' and hubbie is less-so. I'm pretty patient - and again, hubbie is less-so! And this is obviously going to be a 2-person job!

(...And as DIY-er's, we're probably better suited to an episode of Jerry Springer than HGTV!!!)

That said: How much "trouble" can I anticipate when ("IF") I purchase the 6x8 HFGH. How much "retro-fitting" is necessary? What are the "perils" I have to look out for? Obviously, first and foremost is "Check for all the parts the minute you get it" - but is there other stuff I need to watch out for / any extra stuff I need to buy beforehand?

And are there any websites (or threads) that address the construction of the 6x8 specifically? (I did d/l the pdf manual from HF's site)

I found this one from clw1:

(Very good info - Thanks!) I'll be doing something similar w/raising the base - for sure. Plus I'll be sinking concrete anchors at the corners. And I'll most-likely insulate the north wall as well (but that might be overkill in my climate).

Basically I want to make sure I have as much info as possible before we embark on this adventure...

Thanks for any info! (And sorry for starting yet ANOTHER thread on the HFGH - but I'm *really* interested in hearing from any 6x8 owners out there!!!)

Nancy / IMQTPI

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