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6 x 8 HFGH couple questions after reading old threads

17 years ago

I've read pages of archived threads but have a couple questions.

My DH installs heating and cooling for a living and has lots of the aluminum foil type (not duct) tape for weatherstripping the panels but I'm not sure where to apply the tape. On just top and bottom? I read one person advising to poke holes in the bottom with a pin for drainage is this correct?

I understand that the clips from Charley's are better quality but am not sure how many to order.

I'm also not sure on the swimming pool cover for winter. The link I found was to a huge $150 one. Is that the size people are using on the 6 x 8?

Is anyone in the PNW using a 6 x 8 HFGH during winter? Our climate is pretty mild but I do want to keep tropical plants growing more like a conservatory than a production greenhouse. Wondering if much of the weatherizing in the threads is overkill for here?


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