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Two in RI building HFGH 8x10 and 6x8!

14 years ago

Hi everyone. I am going to be starting to build the new 8x10 HFGH soon- hopefuly this weekend. My new friend, mrs_v has already started her 6x8 HFGH.

Last week I started a thread about my questions and how I was nervous about building this new greenhouse. Several people responded and helped me out- thanks!

Now, with that in mind, I am starting this thread so mrs_v and myself can help each other along the way- and therefore help others who may be buying the HFGH.

It would also be great if those of you have built a HFGH could chime in with tips, pointers, etc. I spent last week reading through all the posts, and I *think* I am ready to start!

My HFGH should be arriving this week...

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