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50% rabbit manure, 50% clay

13 years ago

I have some almost pure clay soil and I usually amend it with compost or mulch or composted steer manure when making planting holes for my plants. I found a source of fresh uncomposted rabbit manure so tried an experiment. I dug a hole and used half the clay from the hole to build a berm around the hole (my garden is on a hill and I have to build berms around all my plants to keep the water from running downhill), and mixed the other half of the clay with an equal amount of fresh rabbit manure and refilled the hole with the mixture. I planted a Costa Romamesque Zucchini in the mixture and so far it is growing great, increased 50% in size in just a few days. I read somewhere squash would just love to grow on a manure pile, I will soon find out if this is true.

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