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Rabbit manure use questions

9 years ago

From reading here and elsewhere I understand the rabbit manure/ poo can be used straight into the garden either turned in or as top dressing. Questions:

1. I understand that above ground fruit would be safe but Is it safe to grow and eat root vegetables in soil containing straight rabbit manure, soil not given time to sit bare over few months?

2. I have bought some dried rabbit poo mixed in chaff and other bedding material in 50 lb feed bags. I am thinking of composting it in those bags themselves over the next 5-6 months and use it in spring. I plan to just add water into those bags to moisten the stuff and leave it in with bags loosely closed. I do not plan to add any greens or browns to it, more than what is already there (it is at least 50% chaff/ grass clippings etc and 50% rabbit beans). I don't really want to do the work of putting it in a pile or in a composting drum and turn it every week etc.

Will this work?

I am thinking that if It can be used straight, composting it with above method would produce at least a partially composted stuff which will be some what better than straight stuff.

Your suggestions please.

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