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Raised platform greenhouse project

9 years ago

After two seasons of a $99 'Flower House' (tent greenhouse) from Sams Club taking a beating and deteriorating outside I decided to build a strong greenhouse that could have several alternate uses. A couple months ago I noticed a duplex down the road with a parked trailer full off brand-new windows, so I left a note inquiring about the old windows to be removed; asking if I could have them. Sure enough the contractor called me the next morning and told me to take all I needed off the trailer before the next day. Perfect! These windows are all uniform sizes (3 different types), so I figured they would be easier to work with.


I held onto the windows all summer and slowly purchased lumber a little at a time with coupons as I found them. I've spent about $400 on lumber and supplies so far and shouldn't need to spend too much more.

I don't have a very large yard and picked an area where the ground was shaded by the adjacent deck to start construction. I have enjoyed a cattle panel arch trellis for the last 7 years in this location, but my wife wants her deck back and the Flower House has to go.


I realized that the greenhouse needed to be constructed on a platform of equal height to avoid any shade. I also realized that the platform needed to be exceedingly strong in order to support my earthtainers, as on the existing deck they have caused the wood to sag slightly over the years. I also had an alternative use in mind for the new greenhouse if my wife decides we should use it as a sun room spa with our 4-person hot tub. I started to design the greenhouse to accommodate a hot tub that holds 1600lbs of water and would have a wide enough door so it could be moved in. I have a pillar of concrete from an old satellite dish mount I made a decade or so ago for a satellite dish I couldn't attach to an apartment I used to live at. I figured I could re-use that in the middle of the greenhouse framing for added support.

It took me a Saturday afternoon to remove the cattle panel trellis and another Saturday to dig more of the post holes for the GH frame. My rock has large chucks of limestone in clay EVERYWHERE. It took me an hour to dig some holes at least 24" deep. The following weekend I finally got to finish digging the post holes and adding concrete.


In one materials purchase I came across these large plastic panels in the dumpster behind Lowes. Score!

The following weekend I had to dig more holes to accommodate the platform\deck. Not an easy exercise! Glad my neighbor owns an iron digger tool! All corner posts for he platform as well as the GH shell are 6x6s. I used concrete on the platform also. I had to break up concrete from the previous week for one of the posts because I wasn't thinking about the platform support.

I used 2x10" lumber for the joists of the platform.



Joists are 12" apart for strength. I put that concrete pillar in the middle and had some cinder blocks for most of the others. It was late when I finished this part.

One of my neighbors gave me deck boards from a deck he didn't want behind his house. He gave me the perfect amount.

With the platform build I could finally start on the outer shell that would hold the glass and roof part.




Starting to figure out the roof -

Worked til 11:30pm on Veteran's Day fitting windows around the sides! The cold arctic air upon us now came in sharply at this time. I had to go to bed.

Brrr it snowed Tuesday!


To be continued...

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