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stx 38 want charge ,want start

13 years ago

To start off with I have a charging problem with a John Deere STX 38. It was running but now it is not. I was trouble shooting the problem, when I shorted out something. It will crank now but will not start.

I check to see if I had 12 volts at the center post of the regulator/rectifier. I did not have any voltage so I ran a jumper wire from the positive post of the battery to the center post of the Regulator/Rectifier and then check to see if the system was charging with the engine running, it was charging the battery, I removed the jumper wire with the engine turned off. I then removed a relay module that is fasten under the seat by one screw. I checked continuity between its terminal block terminals. One terminal on the relay plug and the center post on the regulator/rectifier showed to have continuity. One terminal in relay block showed to have power. So at this point I jumper the hot post on the relay plug to the one that showed continuity to the regulator/rectifier on the relay plug. Sparks flew at that point my jumper got hot. I tried starting the engine, it would crank over but will not start. Can any tell me what the relay controls and what I may have burnt up or shorted out to keep the engine from starting? Also what can be causing the charging system problem? Any help will be appreciated. Thank You William

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