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john deere stx38 pto switch shuts off engine

10 years ago

I originally found the forum topic labeled 'stx38 dies when pto engaged - old man needs help!' And, being it described my issues, followed the instructions that solved his problem but, it didnt work for me.

Here's my problem with my JD STX38. When I engage the PTO to activate the blades, the engine dies after 5-6 seconds. At first the blades would turn, now after working on this for a couple days the PTO switch doesnt turn or activate the blades anymore and there is still that 5-5 second delay until the engine dies.

Here's what Ive done so far, Bypassed the PTO switch but still got the same result of engine shut off. Checked connections & wires for wear grounding etc but am now at a loss, short of buying a new PTO unit & going through all that for this old JD. I would be more liable to buy a new mower in that case as this has its issues & shortcomings even when working.

Any ideas out there? Remember, this has been running fine since I owned it (1 1/2 yrs) & I made no changes to anything that precipitated the engine shutting down shortly after activating the PTO.

Thanks in advance for te help. I'de hate to scrap this little green & yellow mower.

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