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Best greenhouse for hot, arid, windswept city apartment rooftop

14 years ago

I've been lurking through the topics on this board and I haven't found much that relates to my situation.

I live in Monterrey, Mexico, which has a hot, relatively dry summer with intense sunlight. In addition, I live on a slope in the central valley in the city along the main east-west windflow, so we get rather intense winds full-on.

I would like to set up a rooftop garden to grow herbs and vegetables primarily, but I'm sure I need some sort of windbreak, and most likely some shade to protect the plants from the intense sun, especially the afternoon sun.

I was thinking a greenhouse might be a good idea to shield from wind exposure and some of the sun, but the heat would be very intense inside a greenhouse. Is there some other solution you could recommend that would moderate the sun and heat while also serving as a barrier to wind?

Again, sorry for the noobie question, but I'd like to have a hand at building this soon to try and grow something with the growing season that's still left this year.


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