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HFGH Door Modification & Reinforcement

16 years ago

Hello Everyone,

Finally finished my door mod on the HFGH. As I posted earlier, my sliding doors were blown out along with a roof window during a storm. Nothing was really damaged but I wanted to make it better. My HFGH has the additional reinforcement outlined by gardnerwannabe in his excellent FAQ.

We installed a storm door from Lowes and fixed it to 4x4's sunk in concrete. It's not a simple project but if you've put together an HFGH, you can handle this no problem. Pic's of the project are at

The front of my greenhouse is not solid. I always felt that was the weakest point of the HFGH 10x12. The sliding doors are crap and the whole front was a bit wobbly even after adding the 3/4" EMT to the peak. I think this thing can take just about any wind now.

Still need to silicone in the bottom of the roof panels and trim out the sidelight panels next to the storm door. Also added an 18" wide x 10' long vinyl coated wire shelving to the top of the EMT cross bars.

Any questions, shoot me an email.

{{gwi:296458}}From HFGH Greenhou...

Here is a link that might be useful: HFGH Door Mod Pic's

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