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Best Potting Media/Planting Mix for Large Containers

11 years ago

Hi Everyone,

I am wondering, for those of you who do grow any of your roses in containers on a semi-permanent basis, what is the best potting mix for them? Do you use one of Al's 5-1-1 container mixes, or some variation, or something else entirely?

I grow a LOT of things in containers (citrus trees, veggies, salvias) because I have an enormous concrete patio with a grey concrete block retaining wall off my main living space and I'm always looking for ways to break up the grey. I adjust my planting mixes based on what I'm growing... I'm just wondering what works best for roses.

I have a couple 1/2 wine barrels and a couple large (i.e. 24" round, say 20 gallon) pots I'm planning on using for roses.

I know these won't be permanent plantings, but I'd like to get 5-6 years out of them if possible.


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