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HELP - deer resistant perennial alternative to roses

Lauril Rohde
13 years ago

We created this beautiful area [4 beds] around a fountain and planted them with knockout roses. The first couple of years, they thrived. Then we started seeing evidence of deer - plus we had to deal with Japanese beetles. And some did not make it through a winter. Now the deer have stripped the canes of the new leaves. It's too much.

Any suggestions on a replacement perennial flowering "bush" that grows about 2 1/2' tall that the deer will leave alone??? We may also need to mix in 1 or 2 perennial flowering plants. The area gets full sun with some afternoon shade in a couple of the beds.

By the way, if someone could tell me how to post a picture, I could give you one of this area.

Appreciate your help.

P.S. I thought we were in zone 6, but my husband says that because we are in a valley, we are in zone 5. Maybe it's on the line.

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