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They aren't dead yet! What's up!?

15 years ago

Just to see what would happen, 4 days ago I planted about three peat pellets out in the garden. Each pellet had two 6-wk old spindly tomato seedlings growing in them. One had some chamomile sprouts. Over each planting I sunk a gallon milk jug 'hot cap' over them. Since it gets down to freezing here (Yacolt, WA, 700ft.) still at night, I thoroughly expected to peek in and see little black slimy things. But they are all still alive. And look good. How odd. I've read that 'hot caps' only extend the growing by 1 or 2 weeks and shouldn't be used until April or May. What do you guys think? Is it just a matter of time before the seedlings perish?


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