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Which Power Drill?

12 years ago

As a home owner, I've used Black and Decker drills and other power tools over he years. They are relatively inexpensive and work reasonably well. If I were a contractor, I'd spend more for Dewalt or other brands. I've always done a fair amount of DIY home jobs but I'm getting old.

Aside from some real light, low volt jobs, I currently have a 14.4V and a 18V. (Both are older Nicad batteries)The 18 came with a set including 4" circular saw and reciperocating saw. I use the saws occasionally.

The 14.4 is much older. The case is cracked from several drops and epoxied together each time. The 18 is bigger, heavier and clumsy. Since I've taken the trouble to epoxy the 14.4, I like 14.4 better.

After buying several new 14.4 batteries over the years, it is time to find something new with lithium batteries.

I don't want a set since I have a couple newer 18V batteries and will keep the saws which I don't use much.

Given I don't want to spend a lot of money and have been happy with the 14.4, should I buy a 12V or 16V Lithium from B&D? Any ideas on how long I should expect batteries to last before having to buy new ones?

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