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How to hide streetlight in neighbor's back yard?

17 years ago

My new idiot neighbors have put a streetlight in their backyard. Now my beloved country backyard is ... well, it's miserable at night. I used to love sitting out on the steps or on my swing, listening to the frogs and crickets, watching the stars, enjoying grassy meadow blowing in the moonlight. Not anymore. The light is right at eye level, glaring out at me whenever I look out in my yard, blinding me.

So ... how to hide it? Whatever I put will need to be about 100 yards long, at least 12 feet high.

I think it'll have to be bamboo. I'm upset enough to let it run over into the neighbor's backyard - after all, they've invaded ME with their blasted streetlight. But two wrongs don't make a right. I'll put a barrier.

In the meantime, if I could put something up, perhaps a 12' x 12' wall, to allow me to have a spot to sit and still enjoy the yard? Any ideas? I was thinking a trellis, made of wooden lattice panels. It wouldn't completely block the light, but it would help diffuse it a bit. It'd only need to stand for about 3 years, until the boo takes over. It'll need to withstand heavy winds. Any suggestions?


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