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Tell me all about Honorine de Brabant... for Bay Area

11 years ago

Hi everyone,

I'm completely confused about what I might expect from Honorine de Brabant here in the Bay Area. Some sources online list it as a once bloomer, then Paul Barden calls it the best of the remontant bourbons.

Some say it balls and gets black spot, others say it's bulletproof.

As far as bloom, one site described it as a stingy bloomer, requiring careful pruning to just a few canes. But pictures of it online show it just covered with roses.

So for those of you who may know our climate here in the East Bay, northern california, near Walnut Creek (or a similar microclimate), can you tell me all about her?

What is her growth habit like? (arching or shrublike, upright canes or kind or floppy?)

How often does she rebloom?

Is she picky about sunlight and soil, or here in the bay area can we be a little lazy about the soil and where we put her. (I do realize that a lot of the writing online about roses is geared towards east coast or England... and many roses that might be picky elsewhere grow like weeds in Northern California.)

FWIW, I do have one other bourbon, Souvenir de la malmaison, in a larger terra cotta pot. It blooms basically all spring, summer, and into fall for me and only balls a little on the blooms that emerge during the winter/early spring rainy season. So if there are any similarities between SDLM and HdB, I have that as a reference point.

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