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Bagworms on my Golden Globes

14 years ago

Fortunatly only 3 of my Golden Globes have been hit.

At first I only found them attacking one of these shrubs. Immediately I picked all of them off. And saw only one large one and there were numerous small ones.

We encountered just over a weeks worth of tripple digit high temp days that only broke a couple days ago. That must be why the bagworms were so successful at launching such a sudden attack.

It was only yesterday that I first I realized the attack was happening, and pulled all of the ones I could find off and disposed of them. This morning though two other of my Thuja Golden Globes had also been attacked, but thankfully I knew to look for the bagworms and was successful this morning to remove all those I could find.

I checked there rest of the Golden Globes in the hedge and found that none of the others had been attacked yet.

The first Golden Globe that was attacked so badly that all the green leaves died. Now it is attempting to releaf, and I am checking it daily to physically remore any other bagworms that appear. The other two shrubs are still mostly green, proving that I did a better job of removing the bagworms before they could do so much damage.

My question now is: should I spray all my Golden Globe shrubs with anything to keep any new bagworm infestations from happening, or is it better just to make more effort to keep these shrubs from getting so stressed, and keep checking to physically remove any new bagworms that I find?

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