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How nutritious is compost from 'The Eco-System'?

The company a friend's husund works for just installed "The Eco-System" to process food scraps into compost within a couple of days. It will be available free to employees and a local nursery is taking some of it. The first batch came out yesterday and my friend said it looks wonderful and has the texture of coffee grounds. Below is the FAQ sheet. We were wondering what the nutritional value for our gardens might be. The FAQs say it is suitable for use as a soil ammendment and organic fertilizer, but since it is heated to 180 degrees for 12 hours it seems the nitrogen would be cooked out of it, but no doubt it contains certain minerals of value depending on our soil type. Our soils tend to be very alkaline. Does anybody here have the scoop on it without our having to have it analyzed as suggested by the company?

Here is a link that might be useful: The Eco-System FAQs

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