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13 years ago

So there is so much snow that my path out of the house through the rose garden is a narrow trench with shoulder high snow on either side. Only the very tip of a single Darlow's Enigma cane is visible. So the only reasonable response is - order more roses!

I had Bayse's Purple, Marianne, Mme Hardy and Excellenz von Schubert.

I now have added another Cardinal Richelieu (the one I have is a very old grafted one that I don't dare move, and I have a spot for another one), and Oshun, Hettie - and Charles de MIlls for that spot between Alba Semiplena and Polareis.

The freebies are Velvet Fragrance, Buff Beauty with Graham THomas and Carefree Beauty as alternatives.

And there are mystery roses, too...

So it seems from a planned four, my spring order has grown to a dozen....and so it'll be hauling out the big pot time! And just when the pot ghetto was getting manageable.....

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