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Rain barrels to water fruit?

10 years ago

Is anyone using rain barrels as their water source?

There are 2 reasons I was interested in using rain barrels.
1) My blueberries would probably be happier with rain water than with our city water.
2) At this point, we are free to travel. But my containerized fruits need daily water. Our wonderful neighbors water, but it's a chore. I was hoping to set up 3 strategically located rain barrels with drip lines / soaker hoses. I have no experience with these. I was thinking that the neighbor could simply turn on and off these lines. (From what I see, timers are expensive for my purposes, and some require electric that wouldn't be available.)

While researching how to make a rain barrel, I ran across articles warning against using roof water run off to water edibles. The concern is heavy metals. Apparently there are 2 applicable sources of heavy metal contamination. A) Composition of asphalt shingles. B) Heavy metal dust settling on the roof from air pollution. (Seems to me if that's a problem, it would also be a problem in the rain itself.)

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

Any other suggestions? Thanks.

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