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I can't believe I've been so dumb!

13 years ago

For a long time I have lamented the state of my soil. Complained about how poorly some roses have done. Asked for suggestions for roses that did well in poor soil. Many have suggested even insisted that I just improve the soil will aged horse manure or similar amendments.

Well I never really gave that a solid try. Kept looking for vigorous and tough roses. Somehow it finally dawned on me that it wasn't only about improving the organic content of my soil but it was basically adding bugs to it. MICROORGANISMS!

So help me out here on Rose Growing 101. What are some of the better souces of more bugs besides horse manure. I may look into finding a local source for that and how to get it from there to here. (Shoudn't be all that hard living in the country.) Meanwhile what stuff can I get in a garden center that would help?

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