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mystery spirea--did I do a bad, bad thing?

16 years ago

I am helping with the "landscaping" aka planting flowers, mowing the grass, watering, weeding, etc at a summer camp this year. They have a smallish flower bed along the driveway which as 3 idea what kind other than they are about 3 feet across and 2 feet tall. They have never been pruned and last year didn't flower all that well. So, I thought, maybe they need pruned?

After a litte research I first, asked the director if he cared if I pruned them, and second, went and cut them back by about half.

Well, now they are starting to get leaf buds and things don't look so good. =( I know that they bloom later in the summer with pink flowers and a lighter green foliage. Did I really screw these plants up for this year?

I cut the top 4 inches of a goldflame off, and they look fine. Have I permanently messed up the others, or will things get better?

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